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This is an Empowerment Coaching Session.

These sessions allow us to identify and focus on your goals: personal or academic.

Using a therapeutic framework that leverages “mind science”, I offer teachings on various modalities to support your growth and evolution.

I provide:

  • Talk therapy + emotional support
  • Guidance in shifting to a more positive, resilient mindset
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Meditation Techniques + Breathwork
  • Learning Somatic Techniques to manage emotional stress
  • Strategies for identifying and examining limiting beliefs
  • Support and accountability in setting, implementing, and achieving your goals

Through this program you will learn tools and strategies for dealing with psychological pain (anxiety, stress, fear), how to set your goals and follow through with action, and how to identify and listen to your creative inspiration. My goal is to provide you with tools that you can actually use in the moments you really need them. This ‘tool belt” will help you navigate your own inner world no matter what is going on “out there” or within the circumstances of our life.

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