College Essay & College Admissions Workshops

How to Write the BEST Personal Statement!

A hands on workshop to help you generate great ideas, get feedback from Kate, and turn everything into captivating essay that stands out to college admissions.

“This workshop took my essays to the next level and coached me into writing creatively. It also helped me voice my own opinions. In the end, this guidance led to intriguing essays that were entirely and honestly me. The essays I wrote with you helped me get into my dream school: Duke University.” ~ Harshita, Student

Live College Essay Feedback Sessions

Bring your essays and get feedback from the expert! Great for brainstorming ideas, developing strategies, and polishing up drafts.

“No one’s edited my essay like Kate. They only looked at what was on the page versus what could be there. Kate transformed my initial draft in a 5 minute review.” ~ Jake, Student

How to Find The Best College For You!

Discover why college rankings can be misleading or unreliable. Learn how to judge the quality of the college experience using specific measures most people do not consider. Featuring guest expert, Louis Newman, formerly of Stanford.

“This was so in-depth! Excellent. Thanks so much! There are a lot of factors I never considered.” ~ Diane, Parent

The Secret to Ivy League Applications

Master the art of crafting captivating essays that grab admissions officers’ attention. Gain insider knowledge on how to strategically navigate Ivy League application requirements. Uncover the key factors that make your application stand out and increase your chances of acceptance into Ivy League institutions.

“We never would have gotten into Princeton without your help Kate. Thank you for guiding us through everything involved.” ~ Dale, Parent

How to Ace Your College Interview

College interviews provide a unique opportunity for students to showcase their personalities, passions, and qualities beyond what’s presented on paper. An impressive interview can significantly enhance an applicant’s chances of acceptance, as it offers admissions committees a tangible sense of the individual behind the application.

What I Wish I Knew Before Applying to College

"What I Wish I Knew"
2023 Student Edition

10 tips from students who got into their top choice schools.

Parent College Workshop

"What I Wish I Knew"
2023 Parent Edition

9 tips from parents whose children gain top acceptance.


I've never seen our students more engaged than yesterday's presentation! You were incredible! Thank you.

B. Weil


We are so excited to have you leading our workshops again this year! Our students had such good feedback last year.

J. Hester


I loved the template to follow along with the workshop! And, thank you for making it ACTIONABLE and not full of "fluff" content like most other free workshops are 🙂



I learned that college essays are not difficult when I followed the steps you recommended.



Wow! That workshop was so great. Loved all the exercises and everything you shared! I will definitely recommend you!

D. Spungin

High School Board President

The idea of applying to college and writing a great essay feels a lot more fun and personal than it did before.



I was able to identify a main theme and a great outline for my essay! I look forward to attending you next workshops!



I’m writing down everything you’re saying. Your ideas are titanium right now.



I learned that core values are very important part of the college essays. I thought that there are very few topics I could write about but after today I got lots of ideas about what I could write my essay about and how to structure it.



I really like how this wasn't so much of a lecture rather an interactive time with a helpful worksheet to fill in on my own.



It was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be, and I was more engaged than I thought as well.



I hope your ears are burning because everyone has been singing your praises today! I've heard absolutely wonderful things about you and how well yesterday's workshop went! Thank you for pouring into the lives of our students in such a special way.