7 Reasons to Work With Kate

1. Unlimited hours.

Many other consultants finalize in just a few drafts, but we’ll spend much more time than this because we understand that writing improves through many iterations. Plus, it takes time to identify precisely what you want to say and how you want to say it. This policy ensures the best possible end product.

2. Access to a team of essay specialists. 

You’ll have many more professional eyes and feedback on your drafts. 

3. Project management coaching.

You’ll receive weekly progress updates, including a list of Action Items after every session through email and text. We’ll arrange a deadline calendar based on your individual learning styles and needs.

4. Access to resources, guides and templates.

If you have a question about a particular prompt or school, we have resources that provide you with specific outlines and frameworks for each.

5. Learn how to write beyond your current level.

You’ll learn to apply high-level storytelling techniques to the college essay incorporating script writing and web copy techniques that maximize your 650-word limit. Together, we’ll outline and craft a story that includes clear threads, transitions, and a distinctive focusing lens.

6. Don’t write more essays than you need to.

Learn how to topic strategize by identifying prompts and essays that can double or adapt for other schools. 

7. Enjoy a relaxing holiday season.

While your classmates have still yet to write their essays or are rushing to submit them, we will have finished by November 15th.

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Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Founder, Head Coach
NYU Graduate, Princeton Fellow

Kate is a highly regarded college application coach, renowned for her ability to transform students' essays into compelling narratives that reflect their unique identities. She excels at fostering a motivating and encouraging environment where students gain confidence and overcome challenges like writing anxiety.

Her personalized approach tailors each session to the student's specific needs, whether it's structuring the essay writing process, brainstorming ideas, or providing guidance. Parents have praised her for helping their children improve their abilities and self-assurance, making her not just a coach but a trusted mentor and friend throughout the college application journey.