8-12th Grade
College Prep

Good Grades,
Extracurriculars &
Volunteer Work
Are NOT Enough.

We Build Lives That 
Blow the Minds 
Of Colleges
(And Everyone Else)

Getting Help When It's Time to Apply to College is Almost Too Late!

Many families come to us when it's time to apply to college. 

We have an incredible record of helping students get into their top-choice schools.

But there is only so much we can do at the last minute.

So, congratulations on seeking help early!

There Are So Many Unknowns

What classes should my child take?

What programs should I sign them up for?

What traits are colleges looking for in ideal candidates?

How important are test scores?

How many AP classes are enough? How many are too much?

Is there something we can be doing differently or better?

Are there skills needed for college my child won't get in school?

What Colleges Are Looking For Has Changed

It used to be good grades, a few extracurriculars, and some community service was enough. 

Not anymore.

Now, colleges want students who understand their values and identity deeply.

You need evidence of impactful involvement in your personal, local, virtual, and global communities.

College acceptance rates are half every year. "So live a life that truly stands out," we say.

Schools Do Not Teach Everything You Need to Succeed

We can all agree.

Some of the most important lessons are not learned in schools.

So, we help combine your child's interests and take them to the next level.

Many students applying to college need more critical soft and hard skills.

Is your child able to communicate clearly?

How well can they tell their story and sell themselves authentically?

When they write, do their words engage readers emotionally and intellectually?

Have they mastered high-level executive functioning skills?

Is your student adept at reading and comprehension?

Did they learn compelling study and testing techniques?

Are healthy habits a part of their daily routine?

Who are their role models, mentors, and friends?

In moments of stress, how adept are they at handling it with high emotional intelligence?

Do You Want to See
What Your Child Can Really Do? We Are Here to Help All The Way!

Yes, we will help your child succeed academically.

Yes, we will help your child achieve higher test scores.

Yes, we will help your child positively impact their community.

But more than that,

We will show your child how to build a life that demonstrates to them and everyone else what they are capable of.

It all comes back to a core principle.

Excel in all the areas you should, personally and academically. 

Then, take a few core interests to levels that have colleges lined up to welcome you to their schools.

Plus, it sets a direction and discipline for college and beyond.

You Will Laugh At The "Checking The Boxes" Approach to College Prep Within 3 Months of Trying Our Approach.

Learn how to communicate 
Hone high-level executive functioning skills
Assess the best courses to take in school and out of school
Acquire advanced study skills and information retention skills
Improve your test results and deeper understanding of subjects 
Identify core interests that genuinely excite you
Take your interests further than you ever imagined 
Develop mentor-guided self-study programs in areas of interest
Join, grow, and build communities in your areas of interest
Investigate the best community projects to enrich your life
Consistently set and achieve personal, academic, and life goals
Practice telling your story and selling yourself in an authentic way
Network with mentors and inspiring peers

How It Works


Assess Your Interests & Needs

Starting with our initial consult and moving through our first few meetings with your family, we get to know your child, their interests, and their goals.


Mentorship, Coaching & Tutoring

Once we identify your current core interests, we develop challenging and inspiring goals and plans of action. To support your success, you will receive mentorship, coaching, and tutoring directly from us and our partners. We may also recommend additional programs to assist your growth.

We will continually re-assess your core interests to ensure we stay on track and see if modifications are needed.


Transition to College

During your Junior year, we will shift you to our College Admissions Consulting and Essay Coaching Services as we help you build the perfect list of colleges and submit outstanding essays and applications.


It Doesn't End There!

We love to maintain long-term relationships with our students and families. You will continue to receive support from us as you go to college and beyond. What we teach applies to the rest of your life, and we're here to set that stand out long after you graduate from your top choice college.


"Zac and Kate have a strategic yet kid-centric sensibility with wonderful out-of-the-box thinking. You will enjoy meeting them. We are very impressed!"

Alex S.


Best Value

8th - 12th Grade College Prep


Starting At Per Year

Unlimited college prep advising and support
Develop your interests further than you ever imagined
Stand out to colleges (and everyone else)
Learn everything you need that is not taught in school
Weekly tutoring and mentorship during the school year for higher-level executive functioning, communication and soft skills, better grades, higher test scores, and pursuit of your areas of interest.
NOTE: Pricing may not include the cost of additional recommended programs.

Hourly services are also available for $750/hour. This is perfect for assessing your current student profile, class, and program choices or designing a custom summer plan or project. Please schedule a consultation below to find the best option for you.

Schedule a Consult

We look forward to learning about how we can help!

Kate Stone

Meet Kate Stone

Founder, Head Coach

NYU Graduate, Princeton Fellow

Kate is a highly regarded college application coach renowned for her ability to transform students' essays into compelling narratives that reflect their unique identities. She fosters a motivating and encouraging environment where students gain confidence and overcome challenges like writing anxiety.

Her personalized approach tailors each session to the student's specific needs, whether structuring the essay writing process, brainstorming ideas, or providing guidance. Parents have praised her for helping their children improve their abilities and self-assurance, making her not just a coach but a trusted mentor and friend throughout the college application journey.

Zac Gordon - University Gurus

Meet Zac Gordon

Tutor and Coach

Former Teacher and Professor

Zac Gordon stands out as a distinguished tutor and coach at College Prep. He draws from his rich educational background, including roles as a high school teacher, college professor, and his Master's in Curriculum Development. He possesses an uncanny ability to tap into students' potential, motivating them to visualize and chase after possibilities they hadn't before considered. Zac's approach is more than just guiding; he specializes in amplifying interests, urging students to delve deeper and reach greater heights.

His sessions blend guidance with genuine connection, creating an atmosphere where challenges become thrilling milestones. Zac's commitment to his students is unparalleled, ensuring they always feel supported. This, combined with his amiable nature and infectious enthusiasm, makes Zac an exceptional coach and a cherished mentor during the college preparation journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ideal time to start the College Prep services?

The earlier, the better! Starting in 8th grade gives your child the best chance to prepare and stand out when college applications roll around thoroughly. However, we meet with students as late as their Junior year.

How does your program differ from other college prep services?

We specialize in out-of-the-box, creative solutions. Our program is holistic, focusing not only on academics but also on life skills, personal growth, and individualized mentorship to ensure your child excels in all facets of life. We guarantee you won't find guidance like ours anywhere else.

What if my child needs clarification about their interests or future career path?

That's perfectly okay! Our initial consults and meetings aim to uncover and nurture latent interests, guiding your child toward a fulfilling academic and career path. We like to help students identify and go deep into 3-4 areas of interest, which is the perfect amount for college applications. We find that even students who "don't know" what they're interested in just don't know that their interests can help stand out to colleges or be taken further.

How often will you meet with my child, and what's the format of these meetings?

We have major meetings at key times during the year:

- Before the start of the school year
- Half way through the year
- Before the start of summer

We also regularly check in throughout the year to ensure everything is going well and are available anytime to answer questions.

The exact schedule will depend on the student's needs.

How does the transition from College Prep to College Admissions Consulting work?

In the Junior year, we seamlessly transition students, focusing more on building a compelling list of colleges and crafting outstanding essays and applications.

My child already has good grades and is involved in several activities. How can your services benefit them further?

Most students applying to college have good grades and a substantial list of activities. However, to stand out to colleges, you have to do more than check off the right boxes. We help students go above and beyond with their interests and make a measurable impact on their communities.

How do you work with neurodiverse students?

Wonderfully! Some of our favorite and most successful students are neurodivergent in one way or another.

As experienced educators and counselors, we strive to get to know our students as well as possible and work with them in the most helpful ways. We do this on a case-by-case basis with utmost care.