3 Tips for Senior Year Success

Senior Year Success: 3 Tips to Complete Your College Essays

3 Tips for Senior Year Success

Senior year marks the culmination of your high school journey—a time filled with excitement and challenges. To ensure both your college essay preparation and overall senior year are successful, here are three essential tips that will guide you toward a smooth transition to college life.

1. Keep Your Grades Up

Amidst the flurry of activities, don’t let your academic focus waver. Uphold your commitment to excellence by attending classes with a prepared mindset, dedicating time to focused studying, and adhering to assignment deadlines.

Consider employing time-blocking techniques to optimize your productivity, while keeping distractions like phones at bay. Remember, your senior year is an opportunity to establish robust academic habits that will lay a foundation for success in college.

2. Treat Your Applications Like a Class

Approach your college applications with the same diligence you would a core class. Treat them as an additional subject in your schedule, allocating regular time to work on your essays.

With the potential of crafting 10-20 essays for various colleges, understanding the time commitment is key. Set dedicated slots each week to steadily make progress on your essays. By treating this task methodically, you’ll alleviate the pressure and avoid last-minute rushes.

3. Get Help!

Navigating the intricacies of crafting impressive college essays can be daunting, as schools rarely provide explicit instructions. Enlisting the help of a professional college essay coach is an investment that will significantly impact your application’s quality.

These experts are adept at teaching strategies that make essays stand out, offering valuable insight and guiding you through multiple revisions to achieve polished final drafts. Moreover, a coach becomes your time-management ally, ensuring you meet all crucial deadlines while mitigating stress and keeping you motivated.

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Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Founder, Head Coach
NYU Graduate, Princeton Fellow

Kate is a highly regarded college application coach, renowned for her ability to transform students' essays into compelling narratives that reflect their unique identities. She excels at fostering a motivating and encouraging environment where students gain confidence and overcome challenges like writing anxiety.

Her personalized approach tailors each session to the student's specific needs, whether it's structuring the essay writing process, brainstorming ideas, or providing guidance. Parents have praised her for helping their children improve their abilities and self-assurance, making her not just a coach but a trusted mentor and friend throughout the college application journey.