The Hidden College Application Deadline – August 1st  

Writing college essays takes way more time and effort than anticipated. While you may be aware of the essay submission deadlines set by universities, there’s one deadline you might not be aware of—a self-imposed deadline on August 1st. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of this date and how it sets the tone for the rest of your essay journey.

The August 1st Deadline: A Game-Changing Milestone

The August 1st deadline is pivotal in the college essay process. Here, we’ll delve into why this deadline holds such importance. It marks the point when the pressure intensifies, more work awaits, and stress levels rise. By August 1st, students have two to three weeks to start essays before the new school year. Understanding the significance of this deadline is crucial for a successful essay journey.

What to Do If It’s Before August 1st

For those with ample time before the August 1st deadline, it’s essential to make the most of this window of opportunity. We’ll outline your next steps, including signing up for a consultation. We will guide you through the initial stages, helping you generate ideas, create “bad” drafts, and start the iterative editing and rewriting process. By following our structured approach, you’ll be on your way to transforming those initial drafts into polished final essays.

What to Do If It’s After August 1st: It’s Time to Start!!! 

If August 1st has already passed and you haven’t made progress on your essays, don’t panic, but it’s time to kick into high gear. We’ll guide you in navigating this time crunch, offering tips and strategies to help you catch up without sacrificing quality. From time management to prioritization, we’ll empower you to maximize the limited time remaining.

Embrace the Summer Challenge

Successful students understand the importance of working through the summer to tackle their college essays head-on. During this time, you have the freedom to focus on crafting impactful narratives and experimenting with new ideas and story structures that showcase your true self. Let our team of experts support you on this journey. Whether you’re ahead of the game or playing catch-up, our consultations and resources are designed to help you make the most of the summer and emerge with outstanding essays.

Don’t let the hidden deadline catch you off guard.

Take control of your college essay journey today, and let us guide you toward success. 

Embrace the challenge, make the most of the summer, and prepare to showcase your unique voice to admissions committees. Sign up for a consultation and let us help you unlock the doors to your dream college.

Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Founder, Head Coach
NYU Graduate, Princeton Fellow

Kate is a highly regarded college application coach, renowned for her ability to transform students' essays into compelling narratives that reflect their unique identities. She excels at fostering a motivating and encouraging environment where students gain confidence and overcome challenges like writing anxiety.

Her personalized approach tailors each session to the student's specific needs, whether it's structuring the essay writing process, brainstorming ideas, or providing guidance. Parents have praised her for helping their children improve their abilities and self-assurance, making her not just a coach but a trusted mentor and friend throughout the college application journey.